Saturday, 31 January 2015

I, me, us, we ........

Self-definition at a tipping point
Stretches, tugs, tears sinews
That bind until they break

For survival or for the better good?

There is still blood in the water
And on the ground.

27th August 2014

Friday, 30 January 2015


D             Am    Em      
Several sided sparkles

D                            Am  
Welcome to my world

      F              G          Em
So much to see, to know, to be

     F                               G     Em    
Before we melt and disappear

        F                 Am                                    
It’s goin’ to be ok
             F                 Am 
It’s all goin’ to be ok
G                                     F
Everything will be alright again
           F                                     Am
Each mornin’ a brand new day
           F                                      G
Each mornin’ a brand new day

D                   Am            Em     
Surprising treasured remnants

D                            Am  
Welcome to my world

F                             G              Em
See through my eyes and share my soul 

              F                              G      Em    
While  we both live, live on a while

8 December 2013